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Incidents and Statements involving Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan: 2017

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March 28


Ahmed Ludhianvi, leader of the proscribed ASWJ, expressed confidence that his party would be taken off the list of banned organisations. Mr. Ludhianvi said he had held meetings with officials and the political leadership in this regard. He said that meeting officials or political leaders from the centre or Punjab was a routine matter for all politicians, including him. "I have one bone to pick with the system - whenever there is a need to pacify enraged ASWJ workers or to negotiate with militants, I am called in for the sake of Pakistan. But, legally, I am a proscribed person and my party is still a banned group," he told journalists. He was referring to negotiations with the militants who had attacked the GHQ in 2009. The ASWJ leader said: "The decision-makers of the state have acknowledged my grievances, but if they are not ready to allow us to work as a legal entity in the country, I will not cooperate with them in the future."

Non-violent (Statement)
2 September 10 Karachi / Sindh

Proscribed sectarian outfit ASWJ is among the religious parties holding protest demonstrations for the Rohingya Muslims. Leaders of the proscribed group held a rally in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. They had joined hands with other religious parties to hold demonstrations in Islamabad on September 8. Civil society activists criticised the government for, what they termed, a failure of the NAP, adding that proscribed groups should not be allowed to hold political activities. Activists have been warning that the Government's unwillingness to act against such groups might affect the progress of the ongoing military operations against terrorism.

Non-violent (Rally)





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